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Junis Trust Capital invests in medium-sized companies that have a functioning business model and can be further developed through the use of monetary, operational and strategic measures.


Our aim is to jointly lead the acquired companies to sustainable growth – which first and foremost requires a foundation of trust.


Further investments are made in selective start-ups.

Our Philosophy

Medium-sized companies are subject to constant fluctuations and challenges. We know these from our many years of relevant experience in this field and we would like to master them together.


Our experienced and personable team can respond efficiently and reliably to these. Financially, we are excellently equipped and broadly positioned due to institutional investors and family offices.


Together with our experts, we actively accompany the acquired company on its journey. Our experts are on site to provide support in the areas of strategy, finance, legal obligations, human resources, sales and marketing.

Our Mission

A business transaction thrives on giving the future partner security and confidence to lead the transaction quietly, calmly and fairly over the target line.


We have the necessary instinct, experience and capital to do this. We are focused to jointly execute projects and find future-oriented solutions.


In the end, mergers and acquisitions are not only about the company, but also and especially about the people behind it. We want to meet the needs of them and leverage this asset.


The capital market is subject to constant fluctuations and challenges. Junis Trust Capital is also excellently positioned here. We always act in the interests of our investors, who have placed their trust in us for many years.

We are the idea factory for solutions that stand out significantly from market standards. Companies trust our integrity, our network and our transaction security. Our structure guarantees a partnership of equals today and in the future.

Antonio Marra
Member Advisory Board

In an age when it doesn’t seem to be fast and efficient enough, there often lacks that moment of pause critical for corrective measures.


Course setting also requires free thinkers – people who appeal to humanity in moments of fast speed.


Antonio Marra is not only a very renowned artist, he is also a successful person and an unwavering optimist. With his openness, warmth and ingenuity, Antonio helps Junis Trust Capital to make the right decisions.

Prof. Dr. Sepita Ansari
Digitalisation and Innovation

In times of AI and digitalisation and the accompanying changes in the deal landscape and target structures, we are very pleased to have Prof. Dr. Sepita Ansari in our team for the topics of digitalisation and innovation.


Sepita is a proven expert in the field of digital marketing. In his role also as an advisory board, he continuously contributes to the further development and modernisation of our business processes. His extensive entrepreneurial experience and involvement in academia are a tremendous asset to us and strengthen our position and reputation.

von Heise-Rotenburg
Aerospace and Defense

We are very pleased to have such a positive and outstanding personality as Flora von Heise-Rotenburg in the team of Junis Trust Capital. Flora is an expert in aerospace and defense, and she is a permanent advisor at Junis Trust Capital. As an ambassador for humanity, she works tirelessly throughout the group for equality for all people of any kind. This is a great asset and enhances our expertise and credibility in human resources, especially with the unions.

Our Investment Criteria

Medium-sized companies with turnover between 5 Mio.€ to 500 Mio.€


business succession


Start-ups in industrial business areas and attractive niches

Regardless, Junis Trust Capital is always interested in business ideas characterized by a spark of genius

Our Vision

We are a cosmopolitan family tackling new challenges with courage and entrepreneurial spirit and facing all conditions and requirements in a straightforward manner.


We believe in hard work, dynamism and respect – these are the principle of our entrepreneurial actions.

Amina Kasah
Director Investor Relations